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Lock Box

Lock boxes are a great way to provide Athol Fire Department access to your home or business in an emergency and helps prevent forceable entry. A lock box is a secure box near your front door that contains a key to your business or home. Only Athol Fire Department personnel will have access to the lock box.

Steps to Purchase a Lock Box

Each product is manufactured as a build-to-order shipment when purchasing direct from Knox. At checkout, you will receive an update on when the order will ship - typically 5 to 7 days after purchase.

Best Option For:

  • A local Knox Trusted Partner is not available in your area (View Trusted Partner Map)

  • Customers that are purchasing products for shipment to multiple jurisdictions

  • Future installations that do not require immediate possession

  • In-person support or installation services are not required


How to Buy:

To purchase products, click on the red ‘BUY’ button and follow the prompts. Purchasing parameters are set by each individual authority having jurisdiction. Depending on their rules, customers may be required to complete an authorization order form, or receive an eApproval for their purchase. To ensure you are adhering to local policies follow the steps outlined below.

  • Step 1: Click on the red 'BUY' button, or Select 'Begin Order' (below)

  • Step 2: Select the state where the product will be installed and enter the corresponding authority having jurisdiction for this area

  • Step 3: Choose the jurisdiction and program that serves the address where the installation will occur

  • Step 4: Select product(s), input installation address, acknowledge alerts, and add item(s) to cart

  • Step 5: Complete the checkout process 

Once you have received and installed the Lock Box, please submit the below form to have the Deputy Chief pick up the keys to install in your lock box.

Key pick up form Lock box request

Thanks for submitting!

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